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A professional, quality & consistent work ethic is a cornerstone policy of Book Brilliance Publishing. We know that fusing our expertise with writers and authors prepared to do the work who want to see their work published in a high-quality way to mass audiences is an important factor in, not only book quality preparation and presentation but going to our global trade suppliers and its market positioning at the other end of the publishing process when passed to our specialized and globally acclaimed marketing & PR Team.

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We are very privileged and inspired to be working together on so many special and exciting projects. Our team of experts and proven Professionals are all at the top of their industries and have had already much success in their fields. We at BBP can put together the perfect bespoke Publishing, Marketing/PR, Profile development & sales Package to get your book successfully produced, positioned, and influential in the global marketplace.

Enjoy the professional process and project management of an experienced Team.

Brenda Dempsey

An Award-Winning Entrepeneur & Publisher. A master coach, she is also a bestselling author and woman of influence...

Olivia Eisinsinger

Zara Thatcher

An experienced publishing professional with over 12 successful years...

David Lakey


Dexter Moscow


Dee Blick


Elliott Frisby


Daphne Diluce


Sephen Gillen


Joyce Osei


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We value all that our clients and Authors wish for and see on their journies. We start with the end and your success in mind. Work with leaders in the Industry confident that we will support and guide you clearly and professionally to what you see and more. To get the best results for you're book, project and forward journey with us book a complimentary consultation now and let us assure and inspire with the fantastic things we have on offer to get you everything you want and more on you're excited and successful publishing journey - call us now!

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