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We know from the consistent growth of our company that for businesses the bespoke formulas of good costings, access to main explosive media and broadcast platforms for their messaging, fantastic content creation that converts, skilled marketing, and high-quality PR, media placement, and targeted exposure get the best results.

For years now, having closely worked with main terrestrial & podcast platforms, and streamers from ITV, BBC World News, Channel 4, A &E, Netflix, NBC, Samsung, Amazon, and Spotify, to print media like The Daily Mail, The Sun, Mirror, New York Post and many other International or localized media – we can develop, layer, position and explode the right level of publicity for you. 

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1.9M Media Influencer & Business Leader Database. Worldwide rapid, route to market and Communication Delivery Systems - Join many other successful Businesses & Brands and get your messaging in the right way, to the right people, at the right time.

Cementing Roar Media Creative Studios 360 solutions toward a consistently winning formula as a service provider, is our talented PR division dedicated to controlling and exploding our customers messaging and publicity. Advanced in the field, and working at the highest levels in route to market within the film, TV, and content production industry, our ability and contacts worldwide make personal profile elevation, business and brand awareness, and product placement through our channels achieve consistent results and wins for the many brands and companies we work with.

We have 1.9M leading worldwide contacts in Media, Newspapers, TV stations, and decision-makers in all other business industries on our database. We will create, shape, and with our national and international press release capability, measure and analyze our research, specifically targeting and automating our follow up with journalists and prospects for you while other areas of your campaigns with us are running.

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Rodrigo Massa
Rodrigo Massa

Showcase Spotlight: Rodrigo Massa

Thrilled to announce one of our latest clients in this space, the amazing and worldwide exploding talent, Rodrigo Massa. The famous Brazilian actor, seen in The Color of Passion, Shadows of The Past, and Instructions Not Included, the highest-grossing Mexican film of all time. Rodrigo’s latest roles from DEA Agent in Netflix’s action-packed series La Piloto to a powerful Italian mobster in EL Dragon: Return of a Warrior hitting Netflix’s top 10 in over 30 countries, has now expanded into the North American market with Destination Wedding and is now signed and working with Roar Media Creative & talented people to guide, position and further explode his brand, work and projects into the UK, US and worldwide markets and media.

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"A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad"