Marketing Services


Would you like to fast track to marketing success? You Know your marketing could improve, you would like too see an increase in leads and sales! Often you feel frustrated as you have spent a lot of time, money and effort on your website and marketing already. What is the answer to finally getting the results that bring 10 x sales on your investment?

Mogul Marketing Methodology

Let us introduce to you to our proven method that’s has been successful for all of our clients no matter what their stage of development…

 “MMM” short for “Mogul Marketing Methodology”

A five step process to a powerful online activity and influence leading to brand traction, promotion & rapid and repeat sales.

1 - Mogul Road Map

We engineer and create a dazzling Brand and Offer.

2 - Create Original Content

Then shape a explosive & individual, exciting and meaningful customer journey for your clients.

3 - Publish Content

We integrate powerful systemisation, automate,  sequence and measure things until successful.

4 - Sell

Set up with the right foundations interact, educate, build the right value exchange and watch your products & services convert.

5 - Repeat & Scale

With a business and sales model that works, collaborate correctly & Celebrate as you gain valuable time and resources. 

How to Improve Marketing Strategy

Marketing Introduction

Fuelled with the passion of transforming businesses into pioneers of the digital age we keep raising the bar. Combined 10+ years of experience in strategising & implementing creative marketing campaigns that get noticed by the right people, we know how to target the market place. No matter the size of the project, we handle all new workflows as if they are our own. Our digital marketing strategies help transform our clients from market players to market leaders and, most importantly, keep them there. From social media management to paid advertising, we are the marketing agency for you.

Social Media Services

Social Media Management

Our approach as a social media marketing agency isn’t to deliver reams of content or focus on driving engagements that look good numerically but add little to your ROI, we build social media strategies that support your overall marketing goals, and focus on the benefits to your business in all the important areas that matter.

We are also experts in ensuring you ascertain the ultimate ROI, optimising efficiency for your campaigns and exposure to the right audiences. We deliver compelling content that resonates with organic and paid audiences, whilst we can leverage AI to develop agile automation as part of your PPC Marketing Plan. Performance is always at the forefront of everything we do, and social media is no different.

Pay Per Click Services

PPC Management

Roar Media has harnessed this constant evolution to create adaptive and dynamic strategies that deliver supercharged results. The possibilities for pay per click are endless, whether taking advantage of advance audience lists to offer a higher level of granularity for your targeting or reacting rapidly to stimuli as varied as the weather and current affairs. It also seamlessly integrates with other disciplines such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to form an omnichannel approach. 

Our team is structured in a way to ensure we’re well equipped to tackle any challenge presented to us. We use data-driven insights alongside a combination of technology and creativity to drive high performance campaigns that make a real difference to our clients & partners.

We work relentlessly to achieve the best growth possible for our clients, across all of our Paid Media disciplines: search, social, display and video channels.

Effective SEO Service

Organic SEO Services

Whilst data and analysis is integral to how we deliver our SEO services, it’s only part of the picture. We utilise it alongside powerful, meaningful content that nurtures your customers to conversion. Getting to the first page of Google’s SERPs is what brands dream of, but we go further to ensure that your placement is a pivotal point on their path-to-market journey.

High-performance SEO services connect strategy with your business objectives and the opportunities available within your marketplace. No matter the vertical you operate in, we understand what strategic levers will make a difference and have the proven experience to use them effectively. You can feel assured that we have our finger on the pulse across each Google Algorithm Update and each key change in your competitors’ activity. These are the principles that should drive your SEO strategy to help your business grow.

Newsletter Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing

Our sophisticated techniques enable us to pinpoint exactly what each customer’s position is on their decision-tree. Whether they need more time to research or are itching to convert, together, we will create a journey to develop their interest and power the return both you and they crave.

We design eye-catching email marketing campaigns for some of the UK’s leading brands. Alongside this, we deliver a fully-fledged service which takes care of the messaging, strategy, research and data analysis. Whether you are B2B or B2C, Roar Media has the experience to build highly effective email marketing campaigns that generate stunning results.

Content Copy writing Service

Content Marketing

Roar Media lives and breathes content marketing; we push your business into the limelight, giving you the exposure, recognition and quality links that your business deserves. This will boost the authority of your website, meaning extra traffic and more conversions. 84% of people expect companies and brands to create content that is entertaining, that tells stories, that creates experiences and events, and that provides solutions.

Full-funnel marketing is an essential tactic amongst businesses looking to grow now and in the future. Investing in those tactics which build top-of-funnel interest today can reap huge rewards further down the line, giving your business an ever-increasing pool of potential new custom.

Content marketing by Impression calls on our vast knowledge across a wide range of marketing tactics. You can expect our content marketing campaigns to cleverly dovetail with any existing activities you’re managing yourself or through your partners, whilst also capitalising on SEO, PR and paid media knowledge across our team to get the best return for your investment.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Our team uses the latest market analysis tools, which allow us to show you where you are currently and where you could reach with our help. We gather, analyse, and act upon the detailed research we carry out, delivering competitor market research and analysis of the user journey.

We provide you with the armory to implement significant improvements to your marketing activity. At each step we help you make sense of it all through our audits, ultimately building a strategic marketing plan with SMART goals. These can include research and implementation of innovative marketing automation trends, which can provide a 225% increase in prospects that convert to sales.

Market analysis is useful in helping your business move forward – not only online and with your digital marketing strategy, but as a whole, too. Our insights into the current market will give you an invaluable peek into what your competitors are and aren’t doing, which can help aid you in wider business decisions, on and offline.

Marketing Presentation

Digital Strategy

We help businesses like yours to reach their objectives using a multi-channel approach that ties your channels together, united in achieving a common goal. As your agency partner, it’s our job to identify the biggest opportunities in order to maximise results.

Our approach to digital marketing strategy is based on rich data and insight – and all the recommendations we make are measurable, with a clearly defined testing methodology. We work with you to ensure that all your channels work as one, creating a path to your desired business outcomes.

Our team provides a thorough digital strategy for your business so that all components for success are working together. We’re here to help you progress your brand online, make sure you have a mobile-friendly website, and explode your digital presence.

Marketing Analysis Service

Digital Audit

Our team makes sure that your entire digital presence is analysed, so that you have a clear idea of where you stand within your industry. We provide insights into what works and what doesn’t.

At Roar Media we look into your website’s architecture, social media accounts, PPC campaigns, PR campaigns, email marketing, and much more. We can focus on helping you improve everything digital within your company’s framework.

We do more than just scrape the surface – we dig deep and thoroughly audit anything and everything we can get our hands on. All done in the name of helping your business to keep running smoothly.

Choose The Right Plan For You

Plans are fully customisable and tailored to suit your needs

Starter Plan

£ 1200
  • 1 x Dedicated account manager
  • 1 x Hour of brand engagement per week
  • 1 x Social media post, per platform
  • 2 x Social media account set up & management

Pro Plan

£ 1800
  • 1 x Dedicated account manager
  • 1 x Hour of brand engagement per week
  • 1 x Data & analysis report per month
  • 6 x Targeted email campaigns per annum
  • 1 x Digital marketing consultation per month
  • 2 x Social media post, per platform
  • 3 x Social media account set up & management

Advanced Plan

£ 2500
  • 1 x Dedicated account manager
  • 2 x Digital marketing consultations per month
  • 2 x Data & analysis report per month
  • 9 x Targeted email campaigns per annum
  • 2 x Hours of brand engagement per week
  • 1 x Industry news piece per month
  • 3 x Social media posts per week, per platform
  • 4 x Social media account setup and management

Elite Plan

£ 3500
  • 1 x Dedicated account manager
  • 1 x Digital marketing consultation per week
  • 12 x Targeted email campaigns per annum
  • 2 x Hours of brand engagement per week
  • 2 x Industry news copywriting per month
  • 5 x Social media posts per week
  • 5 x Social media account setup and management

We make your life easier, and your business more profitable