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Influencer Broadcasting

At RMC we start with making sure your products & services are aligned with what your ideal customers are looking for. We work on your brand and elevate your brand proposition.

We work with you to create a powerful sales pitch that engage your audiences.

We then create your website strategy with you and the next step is the website design & build process.

Broadcast Your Profile & Talents

Keeping ahead in the media and climbing and developing your brand, platform, products, and services is exhausting. At Roar Media Creative Studios using our International contacts, Studios, PR capacity, marketing channels, and Broadcasting Influence you can be ahead in monetizing your work and maximizing a positive impact on a growing profile as we take care of a skilled and explosive bespoke road map specifically shaped around your lifestyle and work so your name and brand is always elevating and reaching the right people. Talk to our International Team for more information.

Influencer Broadcasting
Interviewing Service

Impactive Interview Placement on "Major Platforms"

Regularly in contact with and working alongside major influencers, celebrities, and outlets with millions of followers and a global capacity to message, communicate and broadcast to audiences all over the world, Roar Media Creative Studios can arrange the perfect Media interview cycle that you need. From high-profile TV, Radio, News, podcasts, magazines, and local and national mainstream publication placements in the UK, USA, Canada & Europe, be sure that any important messaging, product, or service of a new initiative can be professionally managed, targeted and broadcast over myriad mediums to fit your requirements. Just talk to our team about your goals, budgets, and needs, and a measurable plan can be developed and structured for you

Tailored Media Planning

Today influencers, bloggers, public speakers, KPI’s and other Celebrities need specific audience exposure to their targeted demographics but to retain their climbing brand development towards monetisation they need much more. At Roar Media Creative Studios we look at every project and individual brand as a journey of elevation toward the highest levels possible. Each influencer’s journey, message, talents, and products are different. At Roar, our skilled team of experts in the field know how to engineer the right media plan right on brand and target audience just for you. No matter what level your profile, platform, podcast, or brand is at, do the smart thing to get your work valued correctly in the marketplace – give our Team a call.

Inclusive Media Development
Mobile Optimization Service

Packaging Your Talent

Media and the influencer journey is littered with potholes, wrong turns, and disappointments. It takes years to layer and construct a meaningful brand and profile that integrates into the market correctly and translates to the money needed to grow. Many brands, profiles, and real talents fail because of this. At Roar Media Creative we set you up for success knowing all the key elements needed to explode you in a way that will keep your work, brand, profile, and talent elevating. This protects your projects while keeping you ahead of your competition. Reach out to our team no matter your brand stage or development make the right choice for you and get it right the first time.

"Great influencers attract others"

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